Well I am workin’ late & workin smart (not hard) so here is a fun-e back and forth between myself and my NEW EMPLOYEE “Common Spence”! He is a Rangertard but not a terrible human being. Like a communist, he is a soul but cannot be saved. You will see sidebars, blurbs and wrap-ups from him periodically so LOOK OUT BELOW: Read the rest of this entry »


What do we have here? It’s only the Brian Burke! You may know him as old guy yelling at Kevin Lowe all the time, and he is also the GM of America’s Anaheim Ducks. But now he is stepping down to spend more time with his family and reflect on running the Hartford Whalers into the ground and subsequently out of the state (to North Carolina!).

[LA Times]


So the imaginary smoke & mirrors red pill project called The Lighthouse will pretty much determine whether or not there IS an Islander team in a few years is still tied up in red tape. Gary Betteman waves a pocketwatch in front of your face and douses you with sleepies. Read the rest of this entry »

Arthur Staple takes a breather from ghouling about the Rangers being in first place to introduce us all to Josh Bailey. He’s pretty accurate in saying that they’re rushing him onto the ice a bit, but what choice do they have? There is no buzz of any kind around the team, and they play all their games before 11 am now, so really… what’s the harm?



Haha: “The third period is where Islanders leads go to die.”
Await the final caaaallllllllllllll!


So Miro Satan had a gift for having empty 30 goal seasons and never scoring in important situations (just like Mariusz Czerkawski). Read the rest of this entry »


Deep below the earths surface (or somewhere near the beach in California), Matts Sundin is poised to meet with the shadowy cabal known as The Anaheim Ducks. Sundin finds them “intriguing”, but the ducks only have 8 dollars left to spend on players, so they’d have to dump some chum before they can bring the skull on board. Do you know the secret handshake?


Ranger fans are godless mouth-breathing bloodythirsty savages, and I will be surrounded by them for a few hours tonight while I watch Tampa do their thing inside the dilapidated dickhole on top of Penn Station!


Holdout jerkoffist Nikolai Khabibulin was waived by the pathetic Blackhawks so Newsday asks: Would YOU like him to play while we wait for DP to be reconstructed in these glass tubes? Hah, some of you do apparently even though NK is an aloof overrate who has worn out his welcome EVERYWHERE HE HAS EVER PLAYED. Remind you of anyone?

Who is Mitch Fritz? In addition to being one of the creators of Bugs Bunny, he also pummels the living shit out of people, in sports! He destroys that George Laraque (NOT in a racially tinged way) in the clip above and he appears to be staying with the big club for awhile. YOU WILL ENJOY HIM.