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A late goal adds some drama. The third period starts with a 2-1 Islander lead. LIVE IT!

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You may have seem him on your internets yelling lately as he is apparently about to be terminated, but here are many more for your enjoyment! Read the rest of this entry »

I’m hideously busy at work, and I’m moving house from BK to Queens on Monday, so there will be very little posting this week. My new roommate who is so old he doesn’t know what soda is, pointed out that I’m failing all 3 of my readers by my limited posting. He is right and I can only hope the excessive posting in the weeks to follow will make up for it. I can’t help it but it’s a madhouse! Like that band, Queensryche said.

And I have not had the available time to post! There is alot to talk about, Doug Weight imbeciling that kid, everyone in America having a lower body injury, and the weird blue moomoo thing my new roommate wore on his internet date over the weekend. Rest assured, things will be back to normal soon!

The ruined Chicago Blackhawks fired Denis Savard after only 4 games yesterday. The Hawks came into the season with ridiculously high expectations for themselves after barely missing the playoffs last year, and decided to dump it all on Savard with this misplaced panic move. The team is loaded with young players that are still learning the game at the NHL level, and their goaltending duo of the enigmatic Huet and the chronic assholishness that calls itself “Khabibulin” isn’t much of a foundation to build off of. [Chicago Sun Times]

With only 2 games in the next 6 days, the question of whether or not Ricky “Rick” DiPietro is ready to return from those hoodlum guys chainsawing him to pieces in that factor and then dumping his body part in downtown Detroit, remains front and center. [Newsday]

Hah just joshin’! Bill Muckalt and Mike Stapleton aren’t… yet. For realz though, this blog keeps up with all the former Islanders that left and became amazing the second they were elsewhere. I can’t really blame the Islanders for all of these though, some of these guys were good here but were vastly overpaid by other teams and left, some were given a billion chances here and never did anything with them, and yes some were oddball mistakes from this man. Still a chuckle filled read though!