A late goal adds some drama. The third period starts with a 2-1 Islander lead. LIVE IT!

8:56 pm – Ouch ouch ouch Hunter gets drilled into the Penalty Box door which opens and cuts him in half. Stretcher on the ice but Hunter leaves on his own, JUST IN TIME to let the Rangers tie it at 2. That woahh ohh song combined with the horrible bzzzzzztttt sound of their goal horn is nauseating.

9:00 pm – Maybe they are dismayed about Hunter, but the Isles look terrible here. Typical third period for them so far.

9:01 pm – Bad angle goal from Rosz$isval and the Rangers jump ahead 3-2. Will I actually blog the rest of this game? It’s dodgy at best.

9:02 pm – Not so fast! Comeau tallies off a Lundqvist rebound and it’s now 3-3. Offensive bonanza! Call someone on your cell and wave at the camera!

9:06 pm – Another Ranger powerplay, a super dirty “Spencer” hit behind the net wasn’t called on the kill, Isles starting to hold their own again in this period.

9:08 pm – All the play is in the Isles defensive zone right now. They’re being forced wide most of the time but this much pressure is tough to hold off for long. Okposo got drilled hard, again, but got right back up.

9:11 pm – Naslund’s years of playing with murderer Todd Bertuzzi pay dividends here as he scores some pinball off-brand goal to make it 4-3. Waiting for Billy or Joe to incorrectly describe this as “Old Time Hockey”.

9:15 pm – Rangers landing some really hard hits in this period.

9:16 pm – Ladies, if you’re trying to land a husband perhaps you could try one of these EzCombs. Includes ‘stylish’ dvd.

9:17 pm – Another Ranger powerplay because, why not? I don’t even know what the penalty is for or who it’s on. Isles should go super hard for a shorthanded goal here.

9:22 pm – Streit shuts down a potential 2-on -1 nicely. Idiot bitters cheering loudly for Prucha, who is not on the ice.

9:23 pm – Another goofy Ranger goal, this time from Nigel Dawes and it’s 5-3. 4:47 to go. Billy Jaffe about to start spinning how this 11th loss in a row on the road for the Isles is “something to build on”.

9:25 pm – Richard Park gets hit hard. Two minutes for racism.

9:28 pm – Last minute. MacDonald to the bench, though I don’t know why.

9:29 pm – I = pessimist. Comrie burries a weird bouncer and it’s 5-4. Timeout!

9:32 pm – 5-4 final. Another awful Isles third period despite what the score says. That is all for me. 11 losses in a row on the road and no end in sight. Nite!