Many things happened in period 1! Fights, a goal, several other sports things! Continue onto part 2!

8:00 pm – Campoli is the best player on this team by far.

8:04 pm – Kalinin isn’t sure what team he is on or what hockey is. Fans hate him for not being perfect. Naslund STONED by MacDonald. A sympathy penalty against the Isles for slashing. Welfare.

8:06 pm – Rangers PP is starting to buzz a bit. Redden denied by MacDonald with the glove. Isles look like they’re about to take another penalty or give up a goal.

8:11 pm – “Happy as a clam” is a buffoon expression that has no place anywhere, especially in hockey. Billy Jaffe doesn’t belong on tv most times.

8:14 pm – Woooahhh Prucha made a real nice deflection in front that MacDonald was positioned perfectly for. They follow this with a .wav file of someone yelling Lets Go Rangers over the MSG PA system.

8:15 pm – A 9 hour delayed penalty in which every Ranger touched the puck twice ends in a Scott Gomez goal at 8:29 of the second period. He’s still overpaid.

8:18 pm – Paul Mara with a penalty right off the faceoff. Semi-can-openerish.

8:22 pm – Marc Streit is a terror on that point sometimes. Flashes of Bob Beers.

8:24 pm – Another Islander penalty. Hooking on Campoli. They need a big kill right here. Joe Beninati just said that hockey is “a whole lot of fun”.

8:29 pm – Tambellini has no confidence in himself anymore, which is why he takes impossible to score on bad angle shots like he just did. Desperate.

8:31 pm – This Kalinin can’t even stand on skates anymore. He’s tripping on thin air when no one is within 10 feet of him. The Islanders will sign him to a lifetime contract as soon as possible.

8:33 pm – 8 trillion chances for the Isles off a terrible Redden play. No goals though they took a ton of shots on that shift. Streit gave someone a bad bruise with a blocked shot.

8:35 pm – LATE BACK-BREAKING ISLES GOAL. Okposo tips in a Freddie Meyer shot with 10 seconds left in the period. Ranger fans sprint for the prime rib and the flamboyant light up mugs. Period 2 ends with a 2-1 Islander lead. Follow me to part 3!