A late goal adds some drama. The third period starts with a 2-1 Islander lead. LIVE IT!

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Many things happened in period 1! Fights, a goal, several other sports things! Continue onto part 2!

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Well hello! My Rangertard roommate is taking a break from sending me emails about leaving “major lights” on in our apartment to co-live-blog the NATIONALLY TELEVISED Islanders vs. Rangers slapfest with me. We unfortunetly get ‘Joe’ Beninati and Billy Jaffe instead of Hottie Howie Rose calling the game, but it’s all good. Puck is about to drop. LET’S GET BUSY.

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Get some rest pal.

  • The  question of whether Matts Sundin is more boring on or off the ice continues. [Newsday]
  • Lindy Ruff said some bad things about Ryan Miller, who was unable to counter with a Mom joke in the time allotted to do so. [Buffalo News]
  • Everyone is ready to admit that Brett Hull is an idiot for signing Sean Avery and that everything wrong with the Stars is all their fault. [Star Telegram]
  • The Sabres, who are currently for sale, have strongly denied that they are for sale. Oh and they might move to Hamilton! Brrr! [Toronto Star]

Islanders Maple Leafs Hockey

A few years back, the Islanders traded for Rob Blake, but LA said no we didn’t sign anything and gave them Jason Blake, a legendary center from the Orlando Solar Bears of the IHL instead. They let him play every shift for two years, allowing him to blossom from a scrap heap “Anitolé” into a decent guy who almost score 30 goals. Then he realized he wasn’t making the money, so he scored a shitload of empty net goals and lifters to get to 40 in his walk year. When free agency following the season, he tried 100% to put the Islanders out of business by signing with the Maple Leafs for all the money, and then shut down Canada’s government. He lived up to his absurdly high priced contract by scoring no goals or points and eating the Little Cesar’s Pizza as a healthy scratch, in the press box. The geeky Canadian media wrote a whole lot of feel bad words about him being a sad sack, and then promptly flipflopped (calling him “lovely”) when he had ONE GOOD GAME against his former team, who is in the last place.

The shocking footage:


  • The last time he was in Montreal, Patrick Roy gave up 9 goals, yelled at the owner and then ran home with all his equipment on. Everyone will get together on Saturday and pretend none of it ever happened when Roy has his #33 finally retired against the Bruins. [Sporting News]
  • Jordin Tootoo is exactly like this guy Brice I played with once. He skated around like crazy smashing into everything and everyone whether they were on his team or not. All this did was make the other team win by alot more. [Tennessean]
  • The Senators and their dumpster trash fans suck hard this year but that’s got nothing to do with Alex Auld. [Globe Sports]
  • Chris Osgood might have benefited a bit from being on some legendary teams (ie: The 2001 New York Islanders), but he’s about to be 13th all-time in wins. He is a very nice man! Hah, also at the bottom of this post is a fun blurb about Chris Chelios “not feeling good” about his injury (broken leg). [Freep]


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The saggy titted bitters or “columnists” employed by the Vancouver Sun were all full of the snark this week as the overhyped and eternal non-champion Canucks rolled into Long Island. Read the rest of this entry »